First lines of selected chronicles

Week 2

April 4th 2020

Lockdown is nearly two weeks old
And most of us are doing exactly what we’re told.

But still casualties rise and the virus with stealth is creeping,
Relentlessly each day, despite the Government’s briefing.

Week 4

April 17th 2020

STAY AT HOME is the message; stay behind the front door.
That’s the way we embrace lockdown week number four.

Boris discharged, at Chequers recovering from his stay.
He thanks nurses who cared for him, says ‘It could have gone either way’.

Week 8

May 16th 2020

A cold wind chilled the country at the beginning of week eight.
Our spirits rose in anticipation with lockdown ease in hot debate.

On Sunday in a short statement, Boris gave us a brand-new slogan.
Our anticipation peaked, but plummeted; we were thrown into confusion.

Week 13

June 20th 2020

Non-essential shops open, masks popping up everywhere. Week 13 so full of change.
With a massive U-turn, masks essential in hospitals, on ferries, buses, trains and planes.

EasyJet is back in the air, no cabin service but an individual call for your personal slot in the loo.
Loos spread infection so put down the lid when you flush, in public loos, it’s essential to do.

Week 16

July 11th 2020

Into the early hours of Sunday, pubs were packed, social distancing dispatched by drunken clusters.
Police reported happy drunks, angry drunks, fights and naked men but also some perfect punters.

Sunday at 5 pm, week 16, we clapped again. 72 years of our beloved NHS to celebrate.
We clapped for carers who put their lives at risk to fight the virus, dedication we couldn’t emulate.

Week 18

July 25th 2020

Oxford vaccine, ChAdOx1 nCov19, has passed its safety trials. Week 18 brings us encouraging news.
Side effects only mild fever and headache, treatable with paracetamol says one of Lancet’s reviews.

Oxford vaccine is derived from a chimpanzee common cold virus made safe through modification.
Genetic instructions for Coronavirus ‘spike protein’, the cell invader, transferred to the vaccination.