Rosemary was born Rosemary Phillips on 13 March 1945. She married and became Rosemary Calvert and then remarried and became Rosemary Laird. Her life has been varied, active and exciting.

Trained at Roehampton Froebel, she taught for 3 years before leaving to travel the world with her first husband who worked for an oil company. She turned her hand to whatever life had to offer from acting in Sarawak to being president of a camera club in Canada. Then after 28 years, she returned to the UK on her own.

Having discovered her photographs sold, she resolved to start a new life as a professional photographer. Sales grew and she signed up to 8 agencies who marketed her work. She now has 10,000 photos with Getty Images and reaches markets across the world. The 10 years she spent on her own were filled with photo trips to Antarctica, the Arctic and many other countries.

Rosemary was brought up in a family of 5 girls and, having also had a long happy marriage, she was used to sharing her life. So, after 10 years on her own, she turned to the internet to fill the gap. After 17 iffy internet dates, she found her man. Number 18 was a winner and in 2007 she married Angus Laird.

In 2020, 13 years later, the Pandemic struck. Rosemary felt it was time to put pen to paper and record a changing world where fear, sadness, compassion, inventiveness and triumph would all feature in excessive amounts.

A diary seemed the obvious way to record events as they unfolded but poetry seemed a more compelling way to chronicle this bizarre period in history. ‘Covid Chronicles in Rhyme’ was born and as it grew, it evolved.

Rosemary hopes it will serve to remind readers of the totally shocking but sometimes wonderful times we all endured.